Friday, November 20, 2009

GSF beta 1 approaching

After our DSL research and string templating adventures we are now at the point to almost release a public beta for the GSF. (GenWise Software Factory) We have decided to create DSL's for the Data modeling and Business Object modeling. We have created templates for the Domain (Traditional Business Objects) , the DAO (Data access object layer) and some example code how to use it all in a WPF application. Below is an example Database scheam imported with one of our import utilities.

Basically what you get when you use GSF are the following modules:
- VS 2005 integration
- Database modeling with import schema from SQl-server or Oracle
- Business object class diagram created from the Datamodel but extendable with OO features
- DOA and Domain generation with partial classes and partial methods
- MVVM framework (Model view - View model pattern)
- Made for WPF binding but not limited to WPF.